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that needed organizing they gave to carter. >> tim carter, seen here in '78, was a trusted aide to jim jones. he saw jonestown through different eyes. >> it was beautiful. i mean, something about nature, being in the jungle, it was beautiful. >> carter stayed almost to the end. he saw the gunmen come back from the airport. >> the tractor trailer that had come from the airstrip came up behind and stopped at the kitchen, and these guys jumped out. bob ky said, we got the congressman. >> that's when the reverend jim jones told his people this would be the day they'd have to die. >> the congressman is dead. please give the medication. it's simple. no convulsions with it. it's simple. just please get it. >> the children were killed first. >> tim carter saw his 1-year-old son poisoned. >> malcolm was dead, his little lips covered with foam. this is what happens with arsenic and cyanide as it foams at the mouth. >> he held his wife as she died. >> i put my arms around gloria as she was holding malcolm and just kept on sobbing, i love you so much, i love you so much. >> carter lived only because he
the hundreds of bodies. tim carter saw the reverend jim jones teetering on the edge that day. >> you could see his jaws getting a little bit tighter, you know, and his arms being folded. >> after the truck left for the airport, carter turned to his wife. >> i said, i think we're all going to die. he's going to try to kill everybody. >> then an announcement over the loudspeaker. >> we walked up to the pavilion. it was very quiet. it was very somber. >> how very much i've loved you. how very much i've tried my best to give you a good life. >> this from jim jones in the last tape-recording he ever made. >> if we can't live in peace, then let's die in peace. >> he told his flock that this man, larry layton, planned to bring down congressman ryan's plane. >> they're going to shoot that pilot and down comes that plane into the jungle, and we had better not have any of our children left when it's over. >> he said the guyanese army would come through the jungle to torture them. >> when they start parachuting out of the air, they'll shoot some of our innocent babies. and i don't think we should sit her
is expected to be back here later this afternoon. brianne carter, abc 7 nevis. >> thank you so much. baburam virginia -- democrats have tim kaine is defeated -- battleground virginia. democrat tim kaine has defeated george allen. >> he spoke to supporters in richmond. >> our victory proves that is the number of people who stand with you not the number 0 is behind the czech that determines an election in the united states of america. >> we honestly and vigorously advocate our principles and offered a clear vision. we sought to reinvigorate the spirit of our country. >> the former governor's fought for the seat of democratic senator jim webb. >> coverage continues in a few minutes with a live report on the results of controversial topics on maryland ballots. what voters decided when it comes to expanding gambling and legalizing same-sex marriage. >> here is linda bell, live that bloomberg headquarters. what will happen now? >> we are looking at stock futures -- they are indicating little changed now but it is worth noting that the obama victory four years ago caused the biggest plunge ever for
wrong-minded policies can hurt the economy and if jimmy carter had been reelected there may not have been the '80s. >> my 2014, bernanke doesn't keep the job, would tim geithner take it? >> this is through '14. >> say tim geithner does the speaking circuit, if obama calls him and says you go be ben. >> or janet yellin, another one whose name has come up, potentially someone who would take that job but geithner is a possibility. geithner may be at the imf, not the imf, the world bank is another place. >> quickly, you said that geithner may be negotiating right now. who is he negotiating with on the fiscal cliff? >> he would be talking with the gang of eight. i heard an interesting proposal that i can't talk about just now the gang of eight and the mark warner folks. >> it's gang of eight plus mark warner, he's the ninth? >> i thought he was among the eight. >> i thought he was hosting dinners for the gang of eight. >> i thought he was one of them. >> he's been talking to the senators? >> maybe -- as far as i know. >> sounds like we have to leave it there. steve thank you and because y
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)